Health and Wellness Programs : Health Promotion Program Committee.

Wellness committees are important in that they develop a sense of ownership in the program, and facilitate various tasks involved in wellness programming at the workplace. The committee must be composed of a cross-section of staff representing various occupations, levels, and subgroups with the organization. A common mistake is filling the committee with the most […]

Health and Wellness Programs : Wellness Programs and Corporate Culture.

Effective health promotion programs recognize the importance of building a supportive cultural environment. the workplace culture includes shared values/heartfelt beliefs about what is important. It includes social standards of expected and accepted behavior called “cultural norms.” It includes coworker support from family, friends, and coworkers. This support can help one adopt healthy life choices. Tools […]

Health and Wellness Programs : Health Promotion Program – Be sure to work Environment.

Effective wellness programs attempt to create healthy workplace climates. A healthy workplace climate is one which encourages teamwork, cooperation, and empowerment of the individual. Individuals  have a sense of community, a shared vision, and a positive outlook. Policies promote and support wellness efforts within the workplace. • Effective programs identify ways that company policies and […]

Health and Wellness Programs : Wellness Program – Needs Assessment.

An initial biometric screening can include a recent survey of employees’ interests as part of the assessment. Successful wellness programs are designed to meet the needs and interests of the workers. The information you need to get from a recent survey depends on the scope of your program. A sample survey can be acquired in […]

Health and Wellness Programs : What is A Comprehensive Health Promotion Program?   

Comprehensive wellness programs involve all personnel, deal with all major health risks, offers choices, and target both the personnel and the worksite environment; provide periodic investigation of its results.      Robust health promotion programs emphasize follow-up and offers support for the staff member as long as he/she is employed. Studies have shown this approach to […]

Health and Wellness Programs : Health Promotion Programs Economic Considerations.   

Initially introduced by Halbert Dunn in the 1950′s, wellness became a well-liked buzzword during the late 1970′s and received considerable academic attention in the 1980′s.      Health promotion programs for personnel became more widespread during the following decade, and credible evidence for their economic viability started to be published.      There have now been over […]

Health and Wellness Programs : Effective Wellness Programs.

Corporate America is increasingly investing in worker wellness because it is good corporation.  In order to meet productivity demands, corporations must rely on a healthy, productive workforce to succeed in the highly competitive global marketplace.   Over a hundred studies in both corporate and governmental settings have documented the economic advantages of staff member health […]

Health and Wellness Programs : Health Promotion Program Analysis.

Analysiss determine the outcome of a Health Promotion Program. They help you figure out when your goals were met. It is a good idea to add an evaluation component to your Health Promotion Program. Investigations may conclude that some interventions did not work well. You might find that a popular Health Promotion Program costs too […]

Health and Wellness Programs : Health Promotion Program Incentives.

Incentives encourage staff to adopt positive behaviors or maintain an existing positive behavior that may potentially help the worker stay healthy and live longer. Adopting positive health behavior is fundamentally what wellness is about. Incentives can be used to elevate participation rates, help individuals complete a Health Promotion Program, or help individuals change or adhere […]

Health and Wellness Programs : Wellness Program Activities – Design and Implementation .

When developing a extensive Health Promotion Program, be sure that it consists of a variety of awareness, lifestyle change, supportive environment programs, policies and activities that target risk behaviors, and the needs and interests of the workforce. It’ll be important to review and revise existing policies governing such areas as smoking sections and the staff […]